All you need is Biology is a pop-science blog in natural sciences, which was created in June 2013 with the aim of sharing the knowledge and experience of its founder, Marc Arenas, about marine biology.

Since then, the blog has suffered a radical change and, nowadays, not only has it notably increased the team, but it also has changed its goal, since its purpose is to be an example in biology and natural sciences.

All you need is Biology has a double mission: to give a global approach to biology and nature, with the intention of showing all those necessary aspects to understand them and, thus, trigger in the reader a desire to protect the wonders of Earth planet; and show those aspects related to working as a biologist. 

Featured posts

Hybrids and sperm thieves: amphibian kleptons

In biology a hybrid is the result of the reproduction of two genetically different parents, although in most cases hybrids are either unviable or sterile. Yet in some species of amphibians, sometimes hybrids are not only viable, but also become new species with...

Marfan syndrome: how to live of a rare disease

What they have in common the American president Abraham Lincoln, the Greek painter El Greco, the American swimmer Michael Phelps or the Spanish actor Javier Botet? All of them had or have Marfan syndrome. This is included within rare diseases (less of 1 case per 2,000...

What lies beyond the death of a whale?

Have you ever wondered what happens after the death of a whale? When a whale’s life ends, its body turn into a new ecosystem for many life forms. Do you want to learn more about whale falls? Which are the stages of a whale fall? Do you want to discover some...

Check the evolution in your own body

42% of the US population and 11.5% of the Spanish people do not believe in evolution. However, there are different evidence that Darwin was right, some of them in your own body. Have you had your appendix or wisdom teeth removed? Find out in this post which vestigial...

Synapsids: Before dinosaurs ruled the Earth

Before dinosaurs ruled the Earth, at the end of the Palaeozoic Era, the land was dominated by the synapsids. The synapsids (the amniote line that includes mammals) were a highly successful group which occupied most niches during the late Carboniferous and the Permian...

The Arctic: who cares?

The global change is the main threat to the Arctic, due to the increasing temperature is melting their ice coverage. What will be the consequences of this for its fragile ecosystem? Who cares about it? THE ARCTIC AND ITS IMPORTANCE The Arctic, one of the few...

How do insects communicate?

How do ants know what path to follow? Which mechanisms do some male and female moths use to meet each other when located far away? As humans along history, insects have developed different ways to communicate with each other. Do you want to know how and for what...

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